Kamis, 29 September 2011

Prepare to Eat Podang Mango

You can buy it 1500-2000 IRD when harvestmoon (may be at middle week in october 2011)
1 kg, you can get 3-6 this mango
Let's going on "Banyakan" traditional market in this time

cut it into a half and sliver its flesh on its peel, turn it over, and bite its flesh! So fresh!!!

Cross your fork and spoon if you wanna go to waterclosed or another place for few minutes
(etic eat in restaurant)

Equal position if you finished eat this heaven fruit!
(eat etic in restaurant)

And the last, before eat this fruit you must say basmallah. . .

About podang mango :
Indonesia has a lot of mango varieties, but this mango variety is very famous in Kediri (my beloved hometown). Kediri is a center of this mango variety in East Java. This variety of mango is so different as it has a very attractive skin color which is brightly orange and a bit reddish. The texture of its flesh is roughly fibrous. When the harvest time, the price of this fruit is so cheap and can drop to Rp.1500,- until 2000/kg. *what a poor farmer*

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